Dear esteemed APABI colleagues:

         I am thrilled to share the resounding success of our first-ever Virtual Roundtable event held last month, which saw an exceptional turnout with 15 out of 21 member institutes actively participating - setting a remarkable record for recent gatherings!

        At APABI, we are always on the lookout for innovative ways to foster meaningful engagement within our community. It is with great pride that we present this newsletter, a brainchild that took shape in 2021, aiming to provide a comprehensive snapshot of our members' latest developments, encompassing groundbreaking research, and updates on past and upcoming events. As we strive to strengthen the bonds among us, the Virtual Roundtable stands as an ideal platform for fostering both profound discussions and friendly exchanges. In our recent session, we had the pleasure of gaining insights into the exciting plans of our co-host, IIBF of India, for the much-anticipated Meeting & Conference in dazzling Mumbai, This format allows our entire membership to actively contribute to the planning process, ensuring our collective input shapes the future of APABI.

        For this issue, we are sharing updates from our member institutes on three of the topics currently of the most interest to the banking industry: ESG, financial regulation, and the macroeconomic cycle. Again, if you have any updates you would like to promote to APABI members, please contact us and we will be happy to send it to the group.

        Again, I extend my deepest gratitude to IIBF for orchestrating this outstanding event, and I commend every participant for making it truly impactful. For those who couldn't join us, fret not, as a captivating summary along with delightful event photos can be found on our APABI website at https://apabi-net.org/Detail?id=41&c=r. Furthermore, I am thrilled to announce that we will continue this enriching series in 2025, following our executive conference in vibrant Mumbai next year.

        The strength of APABI lies in the passion and commitment of its members, and I am genuinely excited about the remarkable possibilities that lie ahead as we journey together towards excellence and collaboration.

 Dr. Hank C.C. Huang 

 President, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF) 
 Asian-Pacific Association of Banking Institutes (APABI)
Gratitude and Growth: Highlights from APABI Virtual Roundtable 2023 
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 The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB)
ESG Issues: A Growing Imperative for Banks

As ESG increasingly moves into the mainstream of business strategies at all levels, banks need to incorporate ESG factors into their financial metrics to identify, assess and manage environmental and social risks in their project financing activities... 
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 The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)
Crypto’s ‘Whoa, Nelly!’ Moment

Cryptocurrencies’ ‘Wild West’ days are numbered. What began more than a decade ago as a project to create an independent virtual currency, cryptoassets today – like bitcoin and ethereum – have morphed into flashpoints of financial instability and a hotbed for illicit activities.
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 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)
Why 'good' banks failed? A look at the financials of SVB and FRC

With billions of dollars being lost due to two major regional banks crashing within the last six months, the failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and First Republic Bank (FRC) in March and April of 2023 have been one of the most impactful economic setbacks that the U.S. financial... 
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 The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)
24th World Conference Of Banking Institutes 2023
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 The Chartered Banker Institute (CBI)
In a World of Social Media: Are Banks More Vulnerable to Bank Runs?
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 The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF)
Sustainability Lecture Series: Engagement Theme - 'Just Transition'
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 The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF)
IBF Masterclass with IMAA: Unlocking Value: A Practical Guide to Increasing a Company’s Valuation
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