New TABF book release: Basic Knowledge on Fintech


As the field of FinTech continues its progress, financial institutions must not only enhance their digitization, but also make serious efforts to understand the resulting new opportunities it creates.

In line with these developments, TABF publishes the book Basic knowledge on FinTech, which was designed by us as a reference for the FinTech Knowledge Test. Co-authored by TABF staff and other experts, it features balanced and credible analysis, avoiding trivia and overly complex concepts while emphasizing readability. The content structure is based on the World Economic Forum (WEF)'s roadmap for FinTech development, adding in TABF's research findings plus other domestic and international trends and practices. Not only is Fin & Tech suitable for financial proficiency testing, but it can also be used as a textbook in university courses, supplementing theoretical knowledge with up-to-date practical knowledge in this rapidly changing field.

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