Esteemed APABI Members,

        How many times in a week do you receive solicitations on different media for scams of various types? For most APABI countries, I would imagine that the answer is quite frequently. The scam report below provides more detailed information about how your country fits into the global picture. This problem shows no signs of going away, and will require continued efforts to resolve.

        In the ever-evolving landscape of AI in wealth management, it is imperative for our industry to transcend misconceptions and fully grasp the transformative potential that artificial intelligence holds. AI shines in navigating ambiguous scenarios and providing nuanced insights that resonate with human understanding. An exemplary manifestation of this lies in the realm of ESG investing, where the intricate process not only involves selecting investments based on a multitude of information sources but also extends to offering guidance to smaller business clients—an arena where models like ChatGPT truly excel. Only by harnessing the unparalleled competitive advantages of emerging technologies can we seamlessly integrate these innovations into our processes, unlocking unprecedented value.

        In a riveting development for the APABI Secretariat, our operations are poised for transformation. Following a proposal put forth during our July meeting, five distinguished member organizations have enthusiastically committed to shaping our newly formed Newsletter Committee. Brace yourselves for an invigorated newsletter format tailored to meet your evolving expectations. Even as the committee takes form, feedback and insights from non-members, which we hold in high regard, remain pivotal. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Secretariat with your innovative ideas and suggestions.

        As the holiday season unfolds for countries which celebrate the Western calendar, I extend my warmest wishes to each of you. May your celebrations be filled with joy, and as we usher in the New Year, may it be a time of unparalleled success, growth, and continued collaboration within our esteemed APABI community.

 Dr. Hank C.C. Huang 

 President, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF) 
 Asia Scam Report 2023 (pdf)
Across the digital expanse of Asia, the shadows cast by the ever-evolving scam industry are lengthening. The 2023 Asia Scam Report is an effort to illuminate the ways scams infiltrate our daily lives. mapping their prevalence across varied communication mediums, and discerning patterns that may aid in their mitigation. 
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 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)
Humans will play an important, though changing, role in wealth management 

It seems that automation has already eliminated the fund manager. Investors have now been convinced that fee margins approaching or even exceeding 1% are unlikely to be recouped through better decisions. Assets under management (AUM) of passive investment... 
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 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)
A bird's-eye view on China's capital flows and its implications

China has turbocharged its RMB internationalization progress in 2023, including the greater usage of its currency in cross-border payments and trade settlement deals, including Argentina and Brazil. Such “de-dollarization” has yet to translate into a strong RMB...
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 The Chartered Banker Institute
Supply Chain Challenge

From bottlenecks to the bullwhip effect, manufacturers around the world are struggling with supply chain challenges while ensuring that their practices are as sustainable as possible. Here, we examine the role banks can play in smoothing the process. 
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 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)
FinTech Taipei Forum 2023:Navigating the FinTech Frontier: Leading Experts Delve into AI-Powered Opportunities and Challenges
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 The Chartered Banker Institute (CBI)
The Annual Banking Conference returns on the 14th and 15th November for its 8th year. The Conference brings together industry practitioners, professionals, academics and colleagues from across the globe to focus on a theme of global importance.
Day One - Responsible Banking: Our Past, Our Present and Our Future Day Two - Accelerate Learning: The Age of Learning, Responsible Banking and Developing Capability   Read More 
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 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)
ACAMS 15th Annual AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference - Taiwan
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 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Economic Indicators 2024
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