2022 APABI Biennial Meeting & Conference is coming!

The 20th APABI biennial meeting & Conference is kicking off on 22 September 2022 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, under the main theme of “Reshaping Banking Sector in Post Pandemic Era”.  

During the last APABI conference held by BAIPHIL in 2020 in the Philippines, the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA) of Mongolia was selected as the next host to organize the APABI Conference in 2022. The three-day conference hosted by BFA of Mongolia will discuss the three trendy and critical issues below.

  1. The next big trends reflect a new era for banking
  2. The pandemic as an accelerator for transformation of soft skills 
  3. Time is now: creating synergies between digitalization and human resource management

The speakers at the conference will be composed of both local and international banking professionals, scholars, and financial consultants. The format combines both keynote speeches and panel discussions which make the conference to be more vibrant and informative. We are looking forward to hearing the novel and practical insights from the member countries, as are the speakers.

For more information, please visit the APABI website using the link below (apabi.bfa.mn) 2022 APABI BIENNIAL MEETING & CONFERENCE (bfa.mn)