Dear APABI members:

 TABF was truly honored to participate in the 2022 APABI Conference & Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by the Banking and Finance Association. We had the opportunity to learn about Mongolia’s banking sector, the expectations of a new generation of banking staff, and customer service in a remote era.

 In terms of concrete results, the meeting decided to add biannual remote forums in the years between meetings, helping members stay in touch in the digital era. Furthermore, Mumbai was selected as the location of the 2024 conference. Congratulations to the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance!

 Meanwhile, emerging markets have been hit over the past few months by the double whammy of rising global interest rates, coupled with increasing commodity prices. Many of the worst-hit markets are in Asia. This will continue to be a topic to watch until the rate cycle ends. You can read about this topic in our Taiwan Banker magazine below.

 Following the successful end of this conference, I look forward to more exciting possibilities working together with APABI.

 Hank C.C. Huang 

President, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF) 
Message from the APABI Secretariat 
 We would like to congratulate the Banking and Finance Academy of Mongolia for successfully hosting the APABI Meeting and Conference 2022. Member institutes from five countries (aside from the BFA) travelled to Mongolia to participate in person: IIBF of India.... 
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Pain in Emerging Markets Tests Both China's BRI and ESG Concept 
 Since the inflation of the 1970’s, economists have generally associated price increases with stagnation. The “misery index,” the sum of inflation and unemployment, as a shorthand for this intuition, became a household term at that time... 
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Dollar cost averaging helps create investment discipline 
 In March 2020, due to the emerging pandemic, the Taiwan stock market hit a low of 8,523 points. However, two years after unlimited US monetary easing, ample liquidity drove the market more than 10,000 points up to 18,619 points. Investment has become a national trend in Taiwan. In particular, many young investors have been putting their money in the market. 
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 Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)
Taiwan Financial Risk Index (TAIFRI)
SEP. 2022
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 The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB)
Banking Today
Surfing the Wave of Unpredictability with Focus on Operational Resilience
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Upcoming Events
 The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)
Responsible Banking in a Global Inflationary Climate
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 The Chartered Banker Institute (CBI)
Centre for Responsible Banking 
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Training Courses
 The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF)
IBF Masterclass with Momenta: Navigating A Positive Leadership Culture At Work
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